The association is urged to protect interests of the Russian wines producers at all levels

Association «Wine-pa» functions

The Association «Wine-producing alliance» is the powerful partnership urged to lobby interests of the Russian wineproducers at all levels.

The Association «Wine-pa» main activities are functions based on developing and advancement of the legislative initiatives focused on winemaking and viticulture legislation improvement, protectionof the partnershipmembersinterests at all levels.

The Association is acting in the direction of uniting of all public associations and organizations efforts and all the stakeholders efforts as well for participating in elaboration and giving assistance in federal and regional state programs realization, in promoting projects of social and economic development.

According to Mr. B. Katryukhin, general director, consolidating efforts of all the participants of the alcoholic market nowadays is even more important than ever. Integrating efforts of public organizations and wine producers allows to bring into reality the licenses requirements optimizationstrivings, to accept the legislative regulations, allowing to develop viticulture in Russia.